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>> Thursday, January 6, 2011

With the holidays done, we are now in full wedding mode. I never thought we would get to the point where the wedding was four months away, but here we are! This week we have been tying up some loose ends and trying to get things organized to see what else we need to do.

We got the two limos booked through Luxury Limousine for before the wedding. We are getting a 10-passenger limo and a 14-passenger limo to pick us up from Embassy Suites and take us to the Capital for pictures. The pictures included are the limos we will have before the wedding. They will then take us from the Capital to the church. It will be so nice to not have to worry about who is going to drive and how many vehicles we need. This way also, none of our wedding party has to leave their vehicles at the church. They can leave them at Embassy Suites, where we have a block of rooms for the night. Luxury Limousine's great price made it possible for us to do this, for which I am so grateful!

We have also been talking with our photographer, Townsend Studio, about the timeline for our wedding day. We have another engagement session that is included in our wedding package that we need to get used with him. I really want to do the session when there is pretty snow on the ground, but we'll see if that happens or not--should have done it last year when there was an abundance of the white stuff!

I have had a couple of dress fittings in the past month. There was a seam underneath my dress, right at my knees, that was showing through and bothering me. The seamstress was so great! She lowered the slip that was causing the seam to show through, and now it looks perfect.

So right now, we are trying to get some things paid off and get organized for the big day. I know these next four months will fly by so I need to stay on top of everything. I think the next thing on our list is getting tuxes and getting registered--should be fun!


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